Complete, Partial, and Implant Dentures

Rayne, LA patients have many options in dentures

Will they look fake? That is one of the first questions that patients at our Rayne, LA dental practice often ask about dentures. The answer is a resounding, “No!” Dr. Briese is detail oriented, highly skilled, and quite experienced in designing all types of dentures. People often comment on the comfort and lifelike appearance of their new appliances.

There are several types of dentures for seniors and patients of all ages with tooth loss. After an examination and discussion, Dr. Briese will help you choose the best one based on your oral health needs, budget, and preference. However, you can rest assured that your new smile will be gorgeous no matter what style you choose.

Implant supported dentures

Implants are known as the gold standard for very good reasons. This is a wonderful choice for new denture patients who want the most reliable, comfortable, and trouble-free appliance. Implants are equally excellent for those who currently wear dentures and are unhappy with the fit, tired of adhesives, or unable to eat certain foods.

Dr. Briese is extensively trained in advanced dental implant techniques including implant overdentures, also known as snap on dentures. He uses CBCT (cone beam computerized tomography), digital radiology, and other state-of-the-art technology for bone evaluation and precision treatment planning.

Traditional complete dentures

This is the most familiar type of denture, composed of a full set of prosthetic teeth in a gum-colored base. However, unlike the dentures of yesteryear, they do not look like false teeth. Instead, they look perfectly natural and strikingly beautiful. With precision impression and design techniques, they are also very comfortable.

If you need extractions, Dr. Briese will provide an immediate denture, so you leave our office with a full smile. However, the shape of your gumline will evolve as your mouth heals and tissue adjusts to the absence of teeth. Therefore, he considers the immediate denture a temporary solution, and recommends replacing it after healing is complete.

Partial dentures

Complete dentures are only necessary if all teeth in the arch are missing or require extraction. When just a few teeth need to be replaced, Dr. Briese can create a natural looking partial denture, also known as a removable bridge. It is designed to snap around existing teeth, holding it in place. Like a conventional complete denture, it is removed for cleaning. You also have the option of a fixed bridge (non-removable partial denture), either supported by implants or dental crowns.

The best way to restore your smile

Fixed or removable, porcelain or resin, implants or conventional dentures… there are many, many different options in tooth replacement. The best way to find our what is right for your health, budget, and needs is to see Dr. Briese for a one-on-one consultation. Call us at (337) 223-9454 to schedule.