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This patient came to us because for her entire life she was embarrassed to smile. She was a wonderful patient who always felt held back because of her teeth. Sporadic dental care throughout her life had left her with only a few remaining top teeth. She suffered from a deep overbite as well as an excessive protruded maxilla (top jaw). After her top teeth were removed, her top jaw was re-contoured and a denture was fabricated. She left the same day of surgery with her denture so she never had to experience any time without teeth.

This case was such a reward for both the patient and myself. I would love to take full credit for this case but this was a collaborative effort among three dental professionals: myself, a local oral-maxillo-facial surgeon, and a certified lab technician. Together we were able to transform this patient’s life and give her the smile she always wanted!

Implant Dentist Rayne, LA Dr Patrick Briese Andy's Testimonial
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