Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening for a sparkling smile in Rayne, LA

You love your morning cup of coffee or tea. Or perhaps you look forward to an evening glass of red wine. The truth is many of our favorite foods and drinks are enjoyable but lead to stained teeth. Furthermore, certain medications, smoking, and even aging can make teeth appear dull. At the office of Patrick Briese, DDS in Rayne, LA we help our patients enhance their smile with professional whitening kits for use in the comfort of their own homes. 

How teeth whitening works  

The outer layer of our teeth is covered in enamel, a hard, mineralized substance that appears shiny and impenetrable. In actuality, enamel and the dentin layer below are filled with microscopic channels that can be permeated by dark-colored foods and beverages. Over time, this can lead to staining and discoloration that cannot be removed effectively with over the counter whitening pastes. 

Professional teeth whitening uses a medical-grade whitening solution that is applied to a tray that rests on your teeth. This strong bleaching agent oxidizes and removes stains, lightening the enamel by several shades to leave you with a vibrant, sparkling smile. 

There are many benefits of professional teeth whitening, most notably its: 

  • Safe 
  • Fast 
  • Effective 
  • Non-invasive 
  • Confidence-boosting

Call us to brighten your smile today!

With professional at-home whitening trays, there has never been an easier or more convenient time to whiten your smile. If you are ready for a brighter smile, we invite you to call us to book your teeth whitening appointment. During this appointment, we’ll take impressions of your teeth to create custom-fit whitening trays. When the trays are ready, you can return to pick them up along with your professional whitening gel and details for how to use them together. After a few weeks, you can enjoy a dramatically white smile that you are ready and eager to share with the world. 

The best part is the trays and whitening gel are yours to keep for periodic touch-ups to keep your smile beautiful longer and is available at an affordable price of $99 only. 

To learn more about professional teeth whitening from the office of Patrick Briese, DDS, please call us today at (337) 223-9454.