Pediatric Dentistry

Rayne, LA dentist offers treatment for pediatric patients

You want the best for your Rayne, LA family. As a proud father himself, Dr. Patrick Briese understands. He knows the joy of seeing happy little smiles, and the challenges of helping kids feel comfortable with a new experience like seeing a dentist for the first time. That is why he takes special care to provide a fun and welcoming atmosphere for his pediatric patients.

Baby’s first dentist appointment

We recommend scheduling your child’s first appointment by his or her first birthday. There are a few reasons for this.

  • If there are any problems with your child’s oral development, we can detect them early and correct them at the optimal time.
  • We can give you some guidance about caring for those tiny teeth and answer your questions.
  • Early checkups give your child a chance get to know Dr. Briese and his team and become familiar with our office. This will help the child feel more comfortable and less nervous if treatments are needed in the future. Going to the dentist isn’t a scary new experience – it’s just a visit with some old friends.

The importance of early oral care

The common myth is that primary (baby) teeth aren’t that important because they are temporary. Yes, it’s true that these teeth will eventually fall out, but they serve critical purposes for several years before that happens.

  • The ability to chew food well is important for good nutrition.
  • Teeth are essential for making certain sounds, which are essential for pronouncing words correctly.
  • Baby teeth act as placeholders, keeping space for adult teeth as the oral structure develops.
  • Good oral health habits developed early can last for many years to come.

Kid-friendly, parent-friendly dentistry

We understand how hectic family life can be, and we strive to make dentistry as convenient as possible. People of all ages with all types of dental concerns are welcome in the office of Patrick Briese, DDS. From dental sealants for the little ones to smile makeovers for the grownups, you’ll find everything you need in one friendly Rayne, LA dental office. Just give us a call at (337) 223-9454 to get started.