Sedation Dentistry

Taking the stress out of dentistry with sedation in Rayne, LA

Dentistry can be stressful. Even the thought of a pending appointment can make you feel anxious. We understand the situation and, more importantly, we are prepared to help you overcome it with gentle techniques, compassionate care, and the option of sedation. Dr. Briese offers oral sedation dentistry here at his Rayne, LA practice to ensure that everyone can have a positive patient experience.

About oral conscious sedation

Oral sedation is a great way to reduce stress and encourage relaxation, even for high-fear patients. It is classified as moderate level sedation, stronger than nitrous oxide, but milder than IV sedation. Until recently, it was known as “conscious sedation,” because patients may feel drowsy, but they are awake and able to communicate.

If you choose oral sedation, Dr. Briese will review your medical history, explain potential risks, and learn about your concerns. He will prescribe the ideal medication and dosage according to your needs. Depending on the prescription, you may take the medication at home in advance of your appointment, or after you arrive at our office. Your procedure will not begin until it has fully taken effect, and you feel relaxed. It is important that you arrange transportation, because it takes time for sedatives to wear off, so you won’t be able to drive yourself home.

Other sedation options

Although oral sedation is a great option for most people, it is not ideal for everyone. That is why we offer options.

  • Nitrous oxide – Better known as laughing gas, this is the mildest form of sedation. Additionally, it is very temporary, because oxygen is administered at the end of the appointment to neutralize the effects. It is the best sedation for kids. It is also the only form of sedation that leaves adult patients able to drive themselves home after treatment.
  • IV sedation – At the other end of the spectrum, IV sedation is much stronger than oral. Additionally, the dosage can be adjusted during treatment. It can be a good choice for high-fear patients and those undergoing lengthy treatment. We work with Louisiana Dental Anesthesia Professionals to offer professionally administered IV sedation with optimal safety.

If you are looking for pain-free, stress-free dental care, give us a call at (337) 223-9454.