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Implant Denture

* Pictures shown are “after” photos, no before photos were taken

This patient came to us because she was tired of her old loose denture. She was unhappy because she wasn’t able to enjoy healthy foods anymore, everything had to be soft. When she tried eating fruits or salads her denture would fall out. She tried using adhesive but nothing helped.

We placed 6 upper implants for her and made her a new custom denture with implant snaps. She’s come back to us since to let us know she could finally eat again. She told me for the first time in 15 years she was able to bite into an apple and enjoy a ribeye from Rouses !!! In addition to improved retention, we were able to remove the palate of her denture giving her the ability to have a better sense of taste and a less bulky feeling of her denture.

This truly is one of the most gratifying procedures we can do for patients. She was so grateful she could eat healthy again. 

Implant Dentist Rayne, LA Dr Patrick Briese Andy's Testimonial
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