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Porcelain Crown Makeover

If you’ve ever seen teeth with a dark line at the gum line then chances are that person has what’s called a PFM crown (Porcelain-fused-to-metal). PFM crowns are the hallmark of dental crowns. They’ve been around for ages and they are a wonderful service to our patients. However, when used in the front of the smile, over time the gums can recede exposing a dark metal collar.

This patient came to us because she was tired of looking her opaque crowns and dark lines on her front teeth. She was also displeased with the way her front teeth protruded out. The materials available to us today are much improved, not only from an esthetic standpoint but also from a strength standpoint. We removed her old crowns and replaced them with 10 all-porcelain crowns.

In the end, we were able to satisfy the goals of our treatment plan: improve the color and appearance as well as correct the angulation of her teeth. Both she and I were ecstatic!

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