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Welcome to Our Practice

On behalf of my team and myself, I’d like to personally thank you for choosing us for your dental needs. We are pleased to bring to Rayne a state-of-the-art family-based dental practice with one mission: deliver exceptional dentistry at an affordable price with empathy and great customer service! We strive to make all our patients feel special and to focus our care on individual needs. I’m a perfectionist with a passion for service and quality work. As our patient, you can expect nothing less.

About Our Services

Meet Dr. Patrick Briese

For Patrick D. Briese, DDS, dentistry runs in the family. Following in the footsteps of three generations of dentists, Dr. Briese is thrilled to bring state-of-the-art dentistry to Rayne, LA, and the surrounding area.

Dr. Briese earned his Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the School of Dentistry at LSU in New Orleans. After working at a private practice in Baton Rouge for a year, a special opportunity presented itself. A dental practice became available for sale when the previous dentist retired. Excited by the opportunity to make skilled, high-quality dentistry availble to the residents of Acadiana, Dr. Briese purchased the practice.

When Dr. Briese is not in the office helping patients, he enjoys fishing, golf, cooking, and snowboarding. He is happily married to his wife Lyndi, and they are the proud parents of 2 children.

Dr. Briese has a Mastership in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists.

Complete, Partial, and Implant Dentures

Dr. Briese is very skilled in the art of fabricating natural, lifelike dentures. We are not the cheapest around but there's a reason for that. Dr. Briese will sit with you to discuss your goals concerning your dentures and make sure you are completely satisfied. All patients receive a custom natural tooth appearance that fits their face, lips, and skin tone. It takes us about 2-3 weeks and 2-3 appointments to create a custom set. Call our Rayne, LA, dental office to discuss dentures or partials. We can help replace your missing teeth and restore your beautiful smile.

If you currently wear dentures and are tired of all the adhesive strips, pads, and pastes you owe it to yourself to check out our Snap-On Dentures. Denture technology has come a long way in recent years and Dr. Briese has received extensive training in implant overdenture fabrication. If you suffer from lose dentures or inability to chew your food properly, please call Dr. Briese today to schedule a consult. We can sit with you, show you similar cases, and show you just how dental implants can change your life. Our office provides the latest technology for diagnostic evaluation including digital radiographs and Cone Beam Computerized Tomography (CBCT). We are able to construct an extensive 3-Dimensional view of your jaws in order to best determine where to place dental implants. Schedule an appointment today to meet with Dr. Briese and find out how complete, partial, or implant dentures can help you.

Types of Dentures:


A complete set of dentures replaces all the teeth in your jaw. If you require teeth extractions prior to fitting your dentures, we can provide you with immediate dentures, which we can make in advance and place right away. These dentures prevent you from being without teeth while your gums heal; however, they are generally considered a temporary solution while you are waiting for your conventional dentures to be made.

Partial dentures are used when a few teeth are missing but the rest of your teeth are healthy and there is no reason to extract them. Partial dentures are also known as a bridge. We can set you up with a conventional bridge or a porcelain bridge. Porcelain bridges have a distinct cosmetic advantage because they look almost completely natural. No one (except us!) will know that you are wearing a bridge.

You have the option of choosing either a removable bridge or one that is fixed in place. A removable bridge is cared for in the same way that you would care for other dentures. A fixed bridge only requires regular brushing and check-ups – like your natural teeth. A fixed bridge can be attached to either crowns or dental implants. Talk to Dr. Briese about your preferences, and we will help you decide which option will be best.

Adjusting to Dentures

You can expect a brief adjustment period to your new dentures. Your dentures may feel a little different than you are used to, but you will soon adjust to speaking and eating while wearing them. You will quickly find that you can speak more clearly and eat foods that were difficult and even painful before.

Caring for Your Dentures

The care of your dentures is not complicated, and you can expect to quickly incorporate denture care into your daily routine.

Use caution not to drop your dentures any time they are out of your mouth. Dropping your dentures could cause them to break or crack or could alter the way they fit. If you do drop your dentures, call our office so that we can check the fit of your dentures and make any necessary adjustments.

Your dentures need to be cleaned daily. Use a product and brush specifically made for cleaning dentures. Regular toothbrushes and toothpaste are too abrasive and could damage your dentures. When your dentures are not in your mouth, they should be kept moist. If your dentures dry out, they could warp. Store them in a safe place out of the reach of children and pets.


The following is an example of an IMPLANT-SUPPORTED OVERDENTURE. These are terrific for patient's that want to get rid of the denture adhesive and return to eating normal foods: